Famous psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen checks for binocular vision disorders!

The famous Dr. Daniel Amen shared with me in public that his clinics check for binocular vision problems in patients who are going to get a brain scan. He knows that some kids are misdiagnosed with attention problems (ADD) when what they really suffer from are binocular vision disorders. 

 Watch from 01:01:42:


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Thanks for posting this, Susanna.  However, I didn't hear that he checks for binocular vision problems.  I heard him answering your question about people with binocular vision problems being diagnosed instead with ADD because they haven't been screened for Irlen lenses.  He didn't say anything binocular vision screening.  Not to say that Irlen filters can't be helpful to some patients. Here is a thorough discussion of the matter, which apparently eluded Dr. Amen:




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