To paraphrase an optometrist I consulted  "Panoramic viewing is the ability to perceive the images from each eye projected along the particular line of sight simultaneously without doplopia."  

It feels like to me as if this is what is going on:  1) Each eye turns out quite a bit (about 35 diopters) when it's not being used, 2) There's only a small area of overlap (in the middle) where both eyes are seeing the same thing, and 3) I suppress the area where there's overlap. (I don't know if this suppression happens in the eye I'm using, the eye I am not using, or both.)

What do people think?  What causes this?  How common is it?  How does it affect my chances of obtaining stereopsis?  Will strabismus surgery destroy it (decrease my field of view)?  Does it increase the frequency, degree or speed of "drift" after surgery?  

Anybody have any knowledge, ideas, thoughts, speculations about this?



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Glad to be of some help. I do love researching and being informed myself. I feel it's always best to visit any specialist with as much info as possible. All best, for a fun and productive evaluation with your new Vision Therapy folks!

Hi People,  Quick update:  Consulted with second optometrist.  Likelihood of fusion/stereopsis upgraded from "snowball's chance in hell" to "snowball's chance in Death Valley on a summer day."

However with vision therapy some other functional improvements may be possible. My understanding is that "functional" refers both to how I use my eyes and to my ability to function in a 3-D world with only 2-D vision.  
This includes things like maybe getting better at being able to tell how far away things are (even without depth perception), and possibly being able to choose to turn my eyes outwards in order to make use of panoramic viewing (useful for how I see the world), or to aim them in the same direction without visual confusion (useful for how the world sees me).
Logistics (getting to V.T. and paying for it) may prove challenging.
But I'm no longer contemplating surgery for the foreseeable future.  (Ooops, bad pun.  Sorry.  Not.)



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