Valproic acid, perfect pitch, neuroplasticity, and . . . ?

Could the drug Valproic Acid have a role in treating vision problems, such as double vision and amblyopia?


Some background: 

Musical perfect pitch is something that generally has to be developed in childhood if a person is to develop it at all.  (by age 7, I have read.)

I came upon an article a few months ago about a 2013 experiment, where a number of adults were given either valproic acid or a placebo.  The valproic acid group were later better able to identify musical pitch than the placebo group.

Valproic acid is said to "restore the plasticity of the brain to a juvenile state," and allow the brain to absorb new information as easily as it did before age 7." 

It is used to treat epilepsy and some other conditions, but it can also have some nasty side effects and potentially do a lot of harm to the body.


I wondered if anyone has heard of research being done with valproic acid or similar drugs on binocular vision problems or amblyopia.  I have come up blank with internet searches.

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