I have twin girls that are 8yo. They were born at 30 weeks, but have done really well. My husband and I have always been active with early intervention. That is until they started kindergarten (at a small Catholic school) and we were told that they nolonger qualified for any services. At first this was a great thing. Now in hindsight I am realizing how scary it is to advicate for your children without the proper guidence and basic knowledge.

After the completion of the girls first grade year, we moved them to our local public school and had them repeat their first grade year as well as be evaluated and had an IEP put in place. That was last year. They have started this year in second grade and we also have them receiving additional help in the resource room.
Vision Therapy was again recommended this year at thier IEP meeting (by their OT). Insurance doesn't cover any of it and it is truly not financially an option for us to pay out of pocket. Any suggestions? Anything informtion would be helpful?

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Go to http://www.covd.org for a doc in your area and basic info
go to http://www.mainosmemos.blgospot.com for research on childrens's vision
Thanks for the quick responce! I guess I have the BASIC information on Vision Therapy, but I am really looking for a more creative approach to making it happen for my girls. My husband and I attended an informational session at The Solution Center in Westville ohio. It was a VERY informative presentation. We both agree that they would benefit from VT (one more than the other).

I would like to know if there are any ins and outs of VT with indurance companies, are there any studies going on in our local area, any way to find VT students that need patients to work with. Some "Outside the Box" type of information.

Also, the link to the blog in your reply is not a good link. Is it mistyped? Thanks again, Sarah
I know the doctors at the Solution Center in Westville and can only say you are lucky to have some of the best doctors in the country to turn to if your child has a vision problem. The first thing to understand is that your child needs to have an experienced Doctor, such as Dr. Carole Burns, do a vision evaluation and find out what are the vision problems. You do not want to turn to turn to an inexperienced "student". Only when you know what you are dealing with can the "outside the box" strategies be determined. Most doctors in our specialty do have a some type of compassionate care policy or other creative ways to help folks whose children need help but are struggling to make ends meet. Your first approach should be to have a competent and caring doctor do the initial testing and then you can make decisions about what to do. Dr. Burns is such a doctor.
Thank you for your sincere reply. I guess I jumped right to completely thinking outside the box that I didn’t even consider the fact that help might be right in front of me. I was already contacted by a staff member from The Solution Center. I will be contacting them very soon to really dig into what is we should do from here.

You are very correct in pointing out that first and foremost I need to find out exactly what the girls need.

I was also contacted by another mother who offered very reassuring words of encouragement.
Thank you so much for providing this site as a place for people to connect. I appreciate having a place to turn where others understand the impact that vision issues can have.

I had the pleasure of meeting you at our workshop at The Solution Center. I would love to touch base with you and go through some options that we may have for working with your family. One of my greatest joys is to work at a practice that values patient care above all else, so we will get you the help you need if you want it. In my ten years at this practice, I have never seen a patient turned away for finances (it is an honor to work for Doctors who make that a commitment).

I believe that Dr Burns will be contacting you in this forum also, but I just wanted to let you know that we are here to be as "creative and out of the box" as you need us to be. You can contact me privately at jstevenson@proviscare.net to talk about this further.

Jessica Stevenson, COVT
Clinical Director of VisionTherapy at The Solution Center

Thank you for taking the time to rely to my posting. I am overwhelmed by the responses. I will be contacting you to discuss what to do from here. I never even thought about contacting the office to go over our circumstances and see what might still be available to us. Again, thank you for contacting me about this. I can't begin to communicate how I feel right now. I guess to sum it up... I don't feel so alone in getting the girls what they need to be successful.

Sincerely, Sarah
As a fellow mother of twins (8 years old), one of which has special needs and an IEP and is currently undergoing vision therapy, and a vision therapist myself I can sympathize with your situation. VT is not inexpensive but it truly is worth the time, effort, and cost. The changes that I see in my patients and in my son as well have been tremendous. I hope that eventually my son will be able to be off of his IEP with the help of VT especially since the school claims that his problems are all "vision related" and stem from the fact that he cannot follow directions visually.

Take advantage of any and all resources that you find available to you. I know that my doctor will make arrangements for payment for initial testing and then go from there so that the true root of the problem can be determined and steps can be taken from that point. I am sure you can find such a doctor in your area.

Best of luck to you and your daughters!
Thank you for your words of encouragement. I truly appreciate it. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

Thanks, Sarah

I don't know if it will help, but my book "Jillian's Story" was written for parents just like you.  I searched and searched for vision therapy information, especially stories from parents whose children had success with it.  When faced with the decision to go with VT or not, I wish I could have had someone tell me it was worth it (it is, times a thousand) and there was hope for my child.  I wrote the book I couldn't find for myself.  I hope it will help you!  www.jilliansstory.com.  Or, via e-book for Kindle, NOOK, IPad and Sony E-Readers.  Vision therapy changed my daughter's life.  It has made all the difference!  You can "friend" Jillian's Story on Facebook and find lots of other parents in your shoes.  Best of luck to you!



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