About Sovoto

Sovoto is a public forum, created to bring together everyone who wants to expand awareness and understanding for the impact of developmental vision problems upon lives.

Are  you a patient, parent or concerned loved one?
On Sovoto you can engage with others who share your interests and concerns in Discussion Forums, Groups and Blogs. You can create your own settings that allow your Groups to be private or open to the public. The Sovoto platform fosters the exchange of creative thoughts and ideas through sharing digital files, photos and videos.

Are you a vision professional?
Use Sovoto to connect with other professionals and share important new information, research and news in the vision related field. Plus you can engage with the public upon topics that will help the patient to have a greater understanding for what they should do to find help for their vision problems.
Sovoto is FREE and open for all to join.


Thank you and welcome to Sovoto!




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