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AOA responds to flawed statements about Vision Therapy

Kudos to doctors Leonard Press, Dominick Maino, and Mitchell Scheiman for this dynamic response!


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Reading Specialist Finds Vision Therapy for her Daughter

Never underestimate the power that accurate vision has on the lives of those we treat. Read one parent's story.


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At it again with dis-information?

The statements made in this joint policy article don't contain any new information, and in fact, ignore the newest research while picking research articles that support their position. In fact, they say vision problems can interfere with learning, then say "but don't treat them"! Well, they don't treat them or even test for them in most cases, but they don't want us to either. This is not in the best interest of patient welfare, but just a continuing turf battle. Very detrimental to the public… Continue

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COVD on Twitter

Official Stats: on Jul 28, COVD's tweets have reached 1018 readers, 844 of them unique. by http://TwitterAnalyzer.com

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National Institutes of Health VT Video

The National Institutes of Health posted the following video on you tube. There appear to be more and more vision therapy videos each week. Take a look. Also, it is relatively simple to upload your own.


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Many of you know that beginning in 1972 organized Ophthalmology began a tact of trying to discredit VT with a so-called Joint Organizational Policy Statement on "Vision, Learning and Dyslexia". Holes were shot in the paper by Flax, but the Policy Statement gets re-packaged and re-cycled every decade. In the 1980s it was refuted by Solan, Suchoff and Mozlin. In the 1990s it came back and prompted us to write our own Joint… Continue

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National Children's Vision & Learning Month

August was declared National Children's Vision & Learning Month in 1995. The goal of this national observance is to help educate parents and educators about the critical link between vision and learning. To find out more, click below.

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Call for papers: THE SIGHT

Dear sir/madam

Nepal optometry students society is going to publish its 5th issue of annual Optometric publication "THE SIGHT".

The targets of this magazine are Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Ophthalmic assistant and all eye care professionals .

We kindly request you to provide any article as highlighted below within 15 days .


1.The article should be informative and scientific .

2.The article should be in English or Nepali… Continue

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Side Bar Issues

Did anyone notice that the ads in the side bar on the right, may not be what we as a group want to promote?

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Dr. Lea Hyvärinen @ ICO

Dr. Lea Hyvärinen, an OMD from Finland and famous for her "Lea Symbols" that we use daily, came to the Illinois College of Optometry to speak to faculty on Thursday. She is 99% functional optometrist and 1% OMD. Listening to her was very similar to listening to most of the folks on this list. Vision function highlighted her talk every step of the way. She is a true kindred spirit.

For more information....and some time soon some video of her talk... go to… Continue

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Web MD's Vision Therapy Video

Here is a great video about Vision Therapy from Web MD!


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What parents are saying about Vision Therapy

Another resource for parents:


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Vision Therapy For Acquired Brain Injury

Optometric Care of The Patient with Acquired Brain Injury


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"Why Can't My Child Read?"

Dr. Susan Barry's article can be shared with parents and teachers everywhere.


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Barry's Rebuttal

Dr. Susan Barry's Rebuttal to doubts about Vision Therapy

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More From COVD About Our Partnership With Larry Fitzgerald

Football star, Larry Fitzgerald teams up with COVD to help spread the word about Vision Therapy!


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Become a member of COVD!

Click to learn more about how to become a member of COVD.


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Follow one woman’s inspiring journey to binocularity


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