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A year in

It's been over a year since I completed my vision therapy sessions. With my continuing 3D experience, it's becoming harder to tell when I'm NOT seeing in binocular mode.

There are times when I kick into very deep stereo. Interestingly enough, many of those times are after intense graphic design days with the majority of my time spent staring into computer monitors. This activity used to exhaust me and leave me debilitated, so I'm always stunned when intense concentration in the 2D…


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Are these dots too far apart to connect?

I had my final vision therapy progress evaluation on March 5th. VT was a great ride I'll not soon forget... I'm in stereo very often and can put myself in when I'm not with simple exercises... but this isn't about that final eval.

The next day I began taking a prescription for Naproxen to  treat inflammation caused by some possible nerve damage in my left arm. Since taking the Naproxen I've been in 3-D constantly. My periphery is so tack sharp that it's been nearly disorienting and so…


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Strabismus, the enemy

Strabismus has been my life-long enemy. Because of its interference during my developmental years, both physical and intellectual pursuits proved truly difficult. Sports were unwinnable. Reading and comprehension problems made intellectual pursuits improbable. This all greatly impacted my self-esteem.
My father always bragged about his prowess in sports during his college years, hanging low over my head while growing up and I longed to be like him. There was only one photo of…

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Catching up

I took some time off after VT and am again back up on the horse, doing exercises daily. I feel my eyes are a bit stubborn of late, not moving enough in the sockets, so I'm trying hard not to turn my head when I follow object. I'm working with my swinging ball, following it aptly with my eyes and not my head and am continuing to work with close up depth, using a corrugated cat scratching block with three pencils sticking at various distances, allowing me to change my targets easily. I can X…


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I'm not always in stereo but I am in quite often and can put myself in easily just viewing 3-4 anaglyph photos with red/cyan glasses. That said, I've been working a lot with anaglyph images since my sessions ended. What I'm beginning to experience is greater depth with many of the photos.

Earlier viewing of anaglyph photos brought me an awareness of the levels within the photos - the things in front, middle and back. Sort of like cheaply converted 2-D movies when converted into 3-D,…


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Night driving

I might have a degree of night blindness. That's not surprising given that my 60th birthday is fast approaching (next month). A young ophthalmologist noted that I have a very slight yellowing to my eyes that may contribute to the night vision problem. He then said I would likely need cataract surgery in my mid to late 60's... not sure if I believe that one. At any rate, I do wonder if I will lose peripheral vision as a result of such surgery and, in turn, could that compromise my ability to…


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Home plate

My sessions are over. I still have a dominant right eye that occasionally supresses my left eye. During my last session, I used red/green glasses and a lifesaver card to give feedback about my suppression status - I can easily check on whether my right eye is suppressing my left. I was also shown how to occlude each eye while focusing n a single point can help bring my eyes back into alignment. I'll see how this aids me in tackling convergence tasks with the lifesavers.

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Rounding third base

These last couple of weeks have been hard ones. Over the past 6 months in VT, I've managed to accomplish all the tasks presented to me... until now. I've been presented with converging and diverging exercises using the 'life savers' and Eccentric Circles. The diverging work has been fairly easy to master but these converging tasks have really tested my left eye. I've worked so hard trying to get the results they've hoped for that I think it's tempering some of my 3D enjoyment.



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re: Will the development of stereopsis inform or diminish an artist's artistry?


In your VisionHelp Blog of June 14, 2011, you quote "…The thought question pops into his head:  If a strabismic artist undertakes vision therapy to improve binocular vision, will the development of stereopsis inform or diminish his artistry?"

Growing up unaware that I was strabismic (with a convergence insufficiency) certainly turned my education and artistic lives upside-down. Coming from a perfectionist family, I had the desire to add detail but lacked the…


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Sessions 57-58

Hard to believe I'm so near the end of the sessions. I worked with Jen for the last time this week ;-( . She's been so great to work with - so positive, hopeful and supportive... and I love it when she feels the need to experiment.

We have been working with the Eccentric circles (both on paper and acetate). I now can use the eccentric circles to move back and forth between converging and diverging, creating the third pair each time. It's tiring but I get it. I converge at a closer…


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Sessions 49-50

I've had five months of vision therapy. 50 sessions to date, with 51 and 52 coming tomorrow. When I first started, the scheduled 64 sessions seemed a nearly unfathomable number of roundtrip visits to Fair Lawn, NJ. For one thing,  I didn't like driving... I do now. I wonder what it will be like to not have to go to VT. I will miss that drive. I will miss my Family EyeCare family. They are all very sweet and engaging but I don't know if they truly know how appreciated they are. Before each…


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Waking in stereo

For the past three days I've woken in stereo. In the early hours it's hard to tell, our loft is dark at 6:00 AM. Without my glasses, things are so blurry that I don't see the detail that cues me that things are in stereo. . 

We did some work today measuring my base in and base out abilities. Diverging, I got 7 on a test with a projected 3D image. On the convergence test I got an 8. On similar tests a month or so ago I got 10 and 18, but I now see that I've found a way to, well, cheat…


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What stereo feels like to me

In flatland, I saw things like projected slides. I knew the objects were there, I just couldn't feel myself among them. Objects looked like projected slides, without depth or mass. I knew they were heavy, light, short, tall. near or distant. I just always felt like an observer, not a participant within my environment.

When in stereo, I feel part of my surroundings. I look down and see myself as so much taller. What I see wraps around my head farther - my peripheral vision is tack…

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Exhausted but...

Early last week I was in stereo for two days with just a short period of exercise with the suspended rubber ball first thing each day. I slipped into stereo early on a third day with no prodding and remained in for the rest of that day.I started a graphics gig on a commercial that Wednesday and had plenty of exhausting computer work for the rest of the week.

After work that Thursday I went to an appointment early that evening in NYC. Once done, I walked to the PATH train to come home,…


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Rubber ball

I have a 3" diameter rubber ball suspended about shoulder height from the celling with mono filament. It's a dog toy (thanks, Lucky!) that I forced a wire coat hanger through, turning one end and looping the other. I've been getting great results from batting that ball about and following it with my eyes while trying not to move my head. We did this exercise at VT with a stuffed animal sitting atop my head to prevent head movement. I must have looked pretty funny!

I hit it with my…


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Sessions 41 and 42

I decided to go to 4 sessions this week- two groups of two. Dr. Press said it could be good to get clinical reinforcement rather than trying to duplicate the clinical work at home so I  thought it worth a try (I'm paraphrasing him here). I feel that I got some benefit from it - I've been in stereo all day since the sessions. Seems my next two weeks of schedule are single visits (of two sessions) due to holidays, so it was a good day to get more work in today.

I decided to pass some of…


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Brock string mod

Since I've recently been doing so much close work 10-12 hours a day, my progress slowed. Now that my work has slowed, I'm once again able to concentrate more on my VT. Generally, I can only do the three beads on the Brock String at 4 feet or so. I used to be able to do the 3 at a greater distance, but being overworked and tired has limited that ability for a time. Most of the time, the near and center beads are always easy for me to 'find and hold' but that far bead proves quite elusive at…


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Bus stop chat

I have to be at the bus stop early to get to work. Recently, one of the people there has been a young man named Danny. Yesterday, while I was doing some impromptu eye exercises, he walked up. I explained that I was doing some vision therapy and, as is often the case, he replied "What's that?"  I told him that I had a lazy eye for 59 years, no longer have one and that I'm working to gain stereopsis permanently. He paused and said "I have a lazy eye."

This brought us to an entirely new…


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I'm half way through my 64 sessions

I'm half way through my 64 sessions. My progress has slowed a bit due to the hours of computer work at the new job. Doing exercises after work is a challenge... and doing them at 5:00 AM is equally difficult - it's just too darn early. I'm trying very hard to keep up! 

Prior to the new job and all of this non-stop graphic work, I noticed major advances and had hours of 3D events. Things have slowed, though I seem to see more and do well during my sessions.

A couple of weeks ago…


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New job tired eyes

I've breen working for the show for a few weeks now. Long days and tired eyes. It's been a challenge trying to keep up with the exercises - at night I'm often too tired and 5:30AM is just too early to be using a Brock String to any great effect!

But yesterday things got easier. I left early for my VT appointment and went into stereo during the drive. Jen worked me hard (thanks Jen!) and I felt better after VT than I have for a while.

When my eyes are tied it's really hard to…


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