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How does it feel to have a vision-related reading problem?

How long will it take before children's vision-related reading problems really becomes a public awareness outcry? Maybe when more people understand how it feels. Take a look at this well done video just released by The VisionHelp and experience why many children don't like to read...

With your help more people will know how it feels...please pass it…


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Advocacy for Children...Parent Champion- Robin Benoit

The 41st Annual Meeting of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development has now come to a close. The educational content was superb! In turn,  attending Doctors and Vision Therapists, who are the providers of this specialty vision care,…


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Toni's Vision Therapy Video...Inspires Vision of Hope

As August begins the National Children’s Vision and Learning Month, the COVD Visions of Hope Campaign for patient video submissions is…


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Convergence Insufficiency a Patient Health Issue

This article was posted on The VisionHelp Blog today:

When over 21 million people in the United States are affected by a vision problem that can have serious consequences especially to a child’s quality of life, it begs the question…”Why?”


Studies show that Convergence Insufficiency affects about  1 in 12 children often causing headaches, poor concentration for reading tasks and even double vision. Yet, even…


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Vision Therapy can give the competitive advantage!

Mack, who came into the office today for his vision therapy session, presented with some exciting news!

Mack is a bright young man who likes sports but (before vision therapy) was inconsistent in his batting. Mack struggled with a common binocular vision problem that affects 1:12 children and adults leading to headaches, transient blur and occasional double vision when…


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The See-Sick Syndrome...Practical Diagnostic and Treatment Applications for the Primary Care OD.

Do you know of a family member who is plagued with motion sickness when ever they go for an extended car ride? Recently I posted on The VisionHelp Blog the details of a visual problem that affects millions of people, coined The See-Sick Syndrome. Once diagnosed and treated, those with SSS can have life long resolution of motion sickness.  Dr. Lindsey Stull and I presented a lecture to area primary care…


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Parents Active for Vision Education...The beginning of vision advocacy

This video says it so well. But, who will carry the torch for parents and children with vision related learning problems? If you are a parent who has had a child in vision therapy you know better than anyone. Yet there are so many parents who have not found help for their child because they were not informed or worse yet missinformed.

Sovoto is here to help people reach out and touch the lives of others who are looking to find  help for their…


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Stereo Rich - The Next Generation

How often have you wanted to create the ultimate stereopis experience for your patient in vision therapy? In our office we call this programing the patient with a "Stereo Rich" session. That means we program the patient's 1 hour office-based VT session to be loaded with 3rd degree binocular activities that turn on as many "stereo neurons" as possible in the patient's developing binocular visual system.


Thinking back at the progression of technology, about 100…


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Do You See With Your Eyes Or With Your Brain and … What Difference Does It Make?

In case you didn't already know, there has been a fascinating discussion and debate on…


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VT-ODs Collaborating with Primary Care ODs

In this VisionHelp Blog post Dr. Leonard Press reports on current journal articles that show the importance of a good working relationship with Primary Care ODs and the OD who provides subspecialty care in binocular vision.

In the…


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Visual Tracking and Academic Performance – Part 1

In my experience, “visual tracking” is a term that seems to be universally recognized by classroom teachers, yet frequently misunderstood for the relationship of this visual ability to reading and learning. In a general way, teachers have learned that visual tracking refers to an eye movement and coordination ability. Plus when a child has trouble with visual tracking it typically results in behaviors that usually involve skipping lines when reading and copying which can lead to…


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Applying Neuroplasticity to Optometric Care

It was my pleasure to join with Dr. Susan Barry at a special lecture event held in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the St. Cecelia Music Center on September 17, 2010.

This special occasion was entitled An Evening with Stereo Sue and was conducted as a fundraiser for the new Michigan College of Optometry Pediatric and Binocular Vision Unit in the new MCO…


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Vonnegut's Counter-Vigilance: When Doctors Err on the Side of Caution

Another Blog post to stimulate discussion by Dr. Len Press is on his personal blog PressVision blog where he states:

"With all due respect, I have concerns with self-anointed arbiters of truth. It's because I see the world from the other side of the fence. I see children who come to us having endured years of needless struggle because their pediatrician reassured them that vision evaluations beyond eye chart screenings are overkill. I see parents who have…


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Ophthalmo-Minimalism: “His eyes are fine”

Dr. Len Press writes another interesting article on the VisionHelp Blog. How often do we see patients with signficicant delays in binocular vision, accommodation and or oculomotor skills and yet have had an ophthalmological eye examination and told that all is fine!!? Dr. Press addresses this topic with:Ophthalmo-Minimalism: “His eyes are…


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International Research reports CI associated with dizzy, motion sickness prone kids

This VisionHelp Blog article, written by colleague and friend Dr. Len Press, summarizes a journal paper by the Department of Otorhinolaryngolgy and…


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New research - in BMC Ophthalmology 2010, 10:16 links binocular vision problems and reading problems

Check out the latest (October 2010) research published in BMC Ophthalmology.

The title of the research article is: Dusek et al, A survey of visual function in an Austrian population of…


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Disordered vergence control in dyslexic children

This is an interesting paper, published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology, that was done over 20 years ago drawing a connection with binocular vision problems and dyslexia.

Disordered vergence control in dyslexic children

Does anyone have any comments as to why this has never gotten any publicity…


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Retract the Joint Medical Statement trivializing vision problems in kids

I would like to recognize the excellent paper written by colleague, Dr. Daniel Lack that will be published in the October issue of Optometry, the journal of the American Optometric Association.

All too often patients with a serious and debilitating visions problem, such as convergence insufficiency, have symptoms that interfere with reading and learning. Yet these same patients (usually parents of patients) are given misinformation by doctors or educators who have been mislead…


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Back to School Vision Checklist - Interview with Dr. Hillier

One of the leading experts on children's vision, Dr. Carl Hillier, is…


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3-D Vision Syndrome…linked to “ADD-like” behaviors in children

Today I published to 3 different blogs, 3-D Vision Syndrome…linked to “ADD-like” behaviors in children.

In this article my emphasis is on the direct correlation between the non-strabismic binocular vision dysfunctions, particularly convergence insufficiency "ADD-like" signs and symptoms along with problems that these…


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