My visual sensory adaptation to infantile strabismus with childhood eye surgery is intermittent visual confusion, not diplopia, with probable ARC.

This problem was not diagnosed until I was 63. All my life this problem has caused me degrees of spatial, learning, and emotional dysfunction.

For 63 years, maybe it's a stroke, get an MRI, your gaze is weird, you have a learning disability, lack of emotional intelligence, trouble driving or reading or facial recognition, or lost in space. Then after much persistence. I went to Dr David Hunter Boston Children's Hospital for this assessment, Astenopia with visual confusion and probable ARC most of all my life. I thought, my vision was normal. Everybody saw the world like me.

There's needs to be a better vision eye care system and I had been seeing optometrists for years for glasses with no detection by them. They didn't check. The military didn't check.

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